4 DIY Dog Feeder Projects

Do you want a stylish dog feeder that matches your established décor? I scoured the Internet to find the best instructions for building fancy dog feeders. The following are truly unique and lovely, but affordable DIY dog bowl projects. They outshine the traditional dog bowl, but that’s not reflected in the cost of material and labor. (The headers are links to step-by-step instructions.) Design Sponge’s Vintage Elevated Dog Feeder This one isn’t for little pooches, but it’s perfect for your medium to large-sized dog. You’ll need to scavenge to find a crate. Call your local liquor store or farmer’s market […]

What To Do When Your Kitten is Fainting or Falling (Video)

It’s scary when a pet is ill. Your kitten is precious to you, and fainting and falling is a serious condition. It can indicate something is wrong with her inner ear or nervous system. If your kitten is fainting and/or falling, you need to call your veterinarian. Only a vet can diagnose what’s wrong, and immediate treatment may be needed to avoid life-threatening illness. The following outlines a few of the conditions that may be what’s causing the fainting and/or falling. You Kitten May Have an Inner-ear Infection Of all the following conditions, inner-ear infection is the least likely to […]

The Lifespan of Hamsters

Hamsters make great pets, but they have short lifespans. Their life span is dependent on breed, but it’s rare that any hamster survives beyond three years. You should keep this short lifespan in mind if you’re considering a hamster for a family pet. Mourning a hamster can be tough on kids, but they do make fantastic pets because they’re easy to care for and have interesting behaviors. Hamster Life Expectancy by Breed Assuming you hamster is well cared for, these are the various breed’s life expectancies. Remember: hamsters live longer when they’re well cared for. It’s important to keep cages […]

How to Bathe Your West Highland White Terrier (Westie)

You’d think with such perfect white coats, westies would require frequent bathing, but they don’t. In fact, it can be harmful to bath a westie too much. They’re prone to sensitive skin, and over-bathing can cause irritations. In general, you should only bathe your westie three to four times a year. If you prefer a short cut on your westie, you can take him to a groomer and have him cleaned every four to six weeks. The Westie’s General Appearance From AKC.org: “The West Highland White Terrier is a small, game, well-balanced hardy looking terrier, exhibiting good showmanship, possessed with […]

A DIY Dog House Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Pampered Pooch

Thinking about what to get your dog for Christmas? Instead of shelling out the big bucks for a plastic shelter, why not build her a dog house? This cute dog house is easy to build and requires only a small monetary investment. *FYI: The Humane Society recommends that you place dog houses in a fenced in area. Chaining or tethering your dog is not recommended because it promotes aggression, makes dogs vulnerable to predators (including insects), and can cause bodily injury. Choosing a Location Location, location, location. Your dog is going to need ample shade, so maybe under a tree? […]

Does Your Dog Roll in her Food?

Does your dog roll in her food? Mine does. Alabama purposefully spills the food from her dish, then rolls in it. Although funny, this behavior is pretty messy and dirties up her coat. I didn’t want her eating kibble that had fur stuck to it, so I did what any rational dog owner does, I consulted the web. I learned the action was either scent related, or instinct. Scent Spreading or Resource Guarding Scent spreading is the theory that dogs roll in food in order to tell other dogs about the food source. Dr. Stanley Coren, animal psychologist, theorizes that […]

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Emma adopted seven-year-old Shelby from a local pet shelter. “I went there looking for a puppy,” Emma said. “But, I fell in love with Shelby instead.” Shelby, a golden retriever, was slightly underweight and shelter volunteers worried that one of her owners maybe abused her. Despite her reluctance toward strangers, Shelby took to Emma immediately. Despite their kinship, the volunteers warned Emma that Shelby had to be rehomed numerous times and was frequently returned for behavior issues. They didn’t want her to follow through with adoption unless she was absolutely sure she was up for the challenge. “Even if I […]

Read This Before Surrending Your Pet to an Animal Shelter

Relinquishing a pet to an animal shelter is never an easy choice, and it ought not to be. However, what can you do when you discover your child is allergic to your friendly Labrador? Or, when your property-owner suddenly disallows cats from your apartment complex, and you don’t have the money to move? It may seem that a shelter is your only option, but it’s not. Circumstances may arise that force you to give up a beloved pet, but sending him to a shelter is a last resort. Instead, a foster home is the safest place for your pet. Make […]

Should You Keep Cats Indoors?

I’d argue that yes, you should keep your cat(s) inside. Although it isn’t easy to change the habits of a formally indoor/outdoor cat, it’s not impossible either. All cats can be discouraged from going outdoors, especially if you cultivate an enriching indoor habitat.  Don’t Add to the Feral Cat Problem If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, you’re risking reproduction. The feral cat problem is huge, but population isn’t the only concern. Mating is actually dangerous for males and females, and may ultimately cause fatal injuries. In his search for a female to mate with, a male cat will encounter […]

Enter to Win The Ultimate Springtime Dog Walking Prize Package

Today, I wanted to share with you a contest from Dog Collars Boutique. One lucky winner gets a harness, a martingale collar (I swear by these), a leash, a coupler, and a collapsible bowl for water breaks. I thought I’d share it here because I believe many of my readers would benefit from these items (everything is pictured). You can also enter the contest by clicking here: The Ultimate Springtime Dog Walking Prize Package from Dog Collars Boutique The Benefits of Walking Your Dog Alabama loves her walks. If I take a step toward the cupboard where we store her […]

Increased Polar Bear Sightings Linked to Shrinking Habitat

Polar bears reside mainly in Canada and throughout the artic region. They live, eat, mate, and sleep on ice. They are the largest of all the bear species and their massive weight and thick furry coat makes them perfectly suited to live life on the ice. Their bodies are equipped with thicker-than-average fur, and they have an additional layer of fat, which keeps them thoroughly insulated. They are carnivorous and tend to hunt around the open edges of ice where they can find the largest population of fatty seals, which are their favorite meal. They’re also known to feed on […]

dog theft info

The Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Dog Breeds (INFOGRAPHIC)

It only took a moment for thieves to lure Keymo, a purebred husky, from his front yard in Jacksonville, Florida. His owner had let Keymo off-leash to do his business while she got ready for bed. When she returned, Keymo was gone and there was food on the sidewalk indicating he was lured away. Despite every effort, such as speaking to television stations and offering large rewards, Keymo was never returned. Unfortunately, a growing number of dog owners are coming to realize that their purebred pups are targets for thieves. Their pedigree is valuable because they can be sold for […]

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is The World’s Most Expensive Dog

  According to a Huffington Post article, the worlds most expensive dog is the lion-like red Tibetan mastiff. Incredibly a dog of this breed has sold for $1.5 million. I’m a huge fan of the giant breeds (newfies especially), but $1.5 million is too much money. For that money you could save thousands of shelter dogs.  A wealthy Chinese businessman made the $1.5 million purchase. Hopefully Big Splash, the puppy the man purchased for $1.5 million, is entering a good and loving home and not one that only sees him as a means for acquiring more wealth. The businessman says he intends […]

Can a Spayed Mother Cat Still Mother Kittens?

Key, may she rest in peace, was my American shorthair who died about six years ago. She was very old and lived a full life. I love her bunches and still consider her one of the best friends I’ve ever had and probably ever will have. One of my favorite things about Key was her mothering instinct. She was drawn to kittens, and despite being spayed would lick and nurture every new kitten who crossed her path. It was adorable, but it got me wondering; do all spayed cats mother kittens? Is Key the rule or the exception to the […]

The Green Pet Shop’s Kat Pak Review

So… I just learned about something awesome… Apparently, for about $0.67 a day I don’t have to ever change a dirty litter box again. And, this disposable litter box isn’t a plague on landfills. Nope, these boxes are 100 percent biodegradable and disposable. Sign me up. Cleaner than a Traditional Litter Tray Cleaning litter boxes is a chore and a half. It requires multiple hand washes, and it’s my least favorite chore of all, which is why my husband does it. It’s just a dirty task, but he’s more willing to put up with the smell and general ickiness of […]

Cockapoo Haircuts with Pictures

Cockapoos are so cute, but in terms of looks each one is unique. Some cockapoos have stronger poodle genes and curly and coarse fur, while others look more like their cocker spaniel ancestors. When giving a cockapoo a haircut, you use the same (or a variation of) the haircuts given to the dogs they’re crossbred from (poodle or cocker spaniel). Before I tell you about the different styles of cuts, let me tell you about a cockapoos fur. Although often dense, cockapoos have soft fur and they produce little to no shedding. Brushing is required daily, and haircuts should happen […]

How to Build a Pig Pen

“Porcs en llibertat“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Sustainable farming is awesome; although, I personally wouldn’t slaughter pigs if I owned any. I think they’re too cute, so I’d rescue them instead. If you’re going to own pigs, you’re going to need a pig pen to contain them. The following are instructions for building a simple pig pen for your sustainable farm. The size of the pen is dependent on a number of factors; most importantly, it’s dependent on the number of pigs you intend to keep. Ensure there’s space for pigs to roam, eat, and defecate. […]

Holiday Time Dog Stocking

Holiday Time Dog Toy Stocking Review

Wow… Could this stocking be any worse? It’s full of useless, breakable crap and in my opinion it poses a real choking hazard. I have always said these $4.95 stockings from Walmart are crap, but this year I wanted to prove it. Watch the video to see how terrible these stockings are, and I apologize in advance for holding the camera the wrong way and being slightly buzzed on wine. I don’t apologize for how pissed off I am that it’s legal to sell this crap.

The Different Types of Cockapoo Haircuts

A well-groomed cockapoo is pretty enough to stop traffic. This is due to their uniquely distinct look; cockapoos are a blend of poodle and cocker spaniel. They have cute faces and soft, manageable coats. Coat types include: ringlets, curly, and straight. Each coat type is softer and more manageable than the last. Cockapoos require minimal washing and combine. For dog groomers, cockapoos are a favorite. They’re an easy client. It requires minimal effort (compared to other small dogs) to give a cockapoo a wash, cut, and style. The Puppy Cut Everyone loves a cockapoo with a puppy cut. This cut […]

How to Build a Homemade Hamster Feeder 1 comment

Feed your hamster a single tablespoon of store-bought pellets once per day. Supplement pellets with a few treats per day, such as a once-daily apple slice or a couple raisins. Hamster food should be served from a BPA free bottle feeder/dispenser. Ensure the feeder is tall enough that both your hamster and your children can reach inside the cage to easily fill it with food or water. More details on feeding your hamster can be found on the Humane Society’s website. Supplies Needed: Two ½ liter plastic bottles, Small scale precision knife, Marker, and Duct tape Step 1: Using your […]