4 DIY Dog Feeder Projects

Do you want a stylish dog feeder that matches your established décor? I scoured the Internet to find the best instructions for building fancy dog feeders. The following are truly unique and lovely, but affordable DIY dog bowl projects. They outshine the traditional dog bowl, but that’s not reflected in the cost of material and labor. (The headers are links to step-by-step instructions.)

Design Sponge’s Vintage Elevated Dog Feeder

This one isn’t for little pooches, but it’s perfect for your medium to large-sized dog. You’ll need to scavenge to find a crate. Call your local liquor store or farmer’s market and ask if the vendor has some spares to donate. You can pick up the dishes, which are metal, from the dollar store. Or, if you need them a bit larger, look on Amazing which has stainless steel dog bowls for 5.09.

Ammo the Dachshund’s Chalkboard Dog Bowl  

For less than $5, you can make the bowl pictured above. The instructions are so simple, this project can be completed in less time than it takes to wash the dishes. You can use the chalk to write different sentiments or your dog’s name. Overall, this is the easiest project on this list. Take a few minutes to make a few bowls, and you’ll have some great gifts for the dog lovers on your Christmas shopping list.

Inexpensive Automatic Dog Feeder

YaPets on YouTube has a quick tutorial for building an automatic feeder with a bit of PVC pipe. The feeders holds a lot of food, so it’s great for the giant breeds. Most of what you need can be recycled from other sources, but if you don’t have any PVC pipes hanging around, you can find it cheap on Amazon. I found some for less than $5 from a seller that offers free shipping. Click here to see this deal.

DIY Personalized Raised Dog Feeder

So fancy. So cute. This one will cost a bit more than the above mentioned DIY projects; however, it looks more expensive than it costs to make. In fact, these sorts of personalized raised dog feeders start around fifty bucks. You can personalize it with your dog’s name, breed, or a sentiment. FYI: only use food-safe paint, so your dog doesn’t end up sick if he licks or chews the wood.

Who needs cheap dog bowls? These bowls are lovely, cost less than the standard bowl, and should fit in with your décor. When you want something unique and affordable, you make it yourself.


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