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Alabama’s New Collar from Dog Collars Boutique

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

Happy holidays from Amazing Animals. As a special treat for Alabama, Dog Collar Boutique gifted her with this precious, adjustable Red Snowflake collar. It’s cute and perfect for the holiday season, and will be appropriate attire throughout winter.

Dog Collar Boutique

Alabama does not like to sit still for photos, but isn’t she lovely in her new collar?

About Dog Collar Boutique

Before I get to my review, I’d like to tell you a bit about Dog Collars Boutique. The website is highly rated, and sees a lot of repeat business due to excellent customer service, high quality products, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The site offers a huge variety of dog collars, including festive holiday styles. They offer personalized dog collars, as well as leashes, harnesses, ID tags, charms, clothes, accessories, toys, beds, and more. For their holiday dog collars, they offer 26 patterns ranging from classic holiday elements, such as Santa and reindeer, to patterns that are appropriate all season long, such as snowflakes and snowmen.

My favorite thing about Dog Collars Boutique is that they give back. Visit their website to recommend a “deserving shelter or rescue for donations.” The company commits a whopping 20 percent of profits to help save dogs by donating these profits to deserving shelters and rescuers. With every purchase you are giving back to help dogs in needs (Tis the season). And, if you know a shelter or rescue organization that could benefit from this generosity, you can sign them up.

Perfect Fit and Adjustable for Long-term Use

dog collar boutique

The collars come in a variety of sizes, and the Boutique offers detailed information about these sizes. I chose the Red Snowflake collar, and was asked to take a measurement of Alabama’s neck. She’s a medium at 14 inches. The Medium ranges in size from 14 inches to 20 inches. The width is ¾ inch.

Judging by the quality and the length of the collar, I anticipate many holiday seasons of wear. I’ll get her a new collar at the end of February. And, next year in November I’ll use this one again…and again…and again. The clasping mechanism is solid plastic, and I don’t anticipate it failing me.

If you want a collar like Alabama’s, follow this link: Buy a Christmas Dog Collar & Leash For Your Favorite Reindog!

Looking Forward

The collars at Dog Collar Boutique can be personalized with ID tags. At the end of winter, I’d like to get her a thicker collar that can withstand her springtime and summer rambunctiousness. I will include ID tags emblazoned with the letter A or a paw print to coincide with the ones the veterinarian provided us with.

Overall, I am thankful for Dog Collars Boutique. It’s rare to find an organization with true integrity. By profit sharing with shelters and rescue organizations, I feel confident purchasing pet care items from them. If you decide to snag a holiday collar, make sure to sign up for the Boutique’s Friendship Rewards, which offers exclusive offers and savings to repeat shoppers.

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