What To Do When Your Kitten is Fainting or Falling (Video)

It’s scary when a pet is ill. Your kitten is precious to you, and fainting and falling is a serious condition. It can indicate something is wrong with her inner ear or nervous system. If your kitten is fainting and/or falling, you need to call your veterinarian. Only a vet can diagnose what’s wrong, and immediate treatment may be needed to avoid life-threatening illness. The following outlines a few of the conditions that may be what’s causing the fainting and/or falling. You Kitten May Have an Inner-ear Infection Of all the following conditions, inner-ear infection is the least likely to […]

Should You Keep Cats Indoors?

I’d argue that yes, you should keep your cat(s) inside. Although it isn’t easy to change the habits of a formally indoor/outdoor cat, it’s not impossible either. All cats can be discouraged from going outdoors, especially if you cultivate an enriching indoor habitat.  Don’t Add to the Feral Cat Problem If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, you’re risking reproduction. The feral cat problem is huge, but population isn’t the only concern. Mating is actually dangerous for males and females, and may ultimately cause fatal injuries. In his search for a female to mate with, a male cat will encounter […]

Can a Spayed Mother Cat Still Mother Kittens?

Key, may she rest in peace, was my American shorthair who died about six years ago. She was very old and lived a full life. I love her bunches and still consider her one of the best friends I’ve ever had and probably ever will have. One of my favorite things about Key was her mothering instinct. She was drawn to kittens, and despite being spayed would lick and nurture every new kitten who crossed her path. It was adorable, but it got me wondering; do all spayed cats mother kittens? Is Key the rule or the exception to the […]

The Green Pet Shop’s Kat Pak Review

So… I just learned about something awesome… Apparently, for about $0.67 a day I don’t have to ever change a dirty litter box again. And, this disposable litter box isn’t a plague on landfills. Nope, these boxes are 100 percent biodegradable and disposable. Sign me up. Cleaner than a Traditional Litter Tray Cleaning litter boxes is a chore and a half. It requires multiple hand washes, and it’s my least favorite chore of all, which is why my husband does it. It’s just a dirty task, but he’s more willing to put up with the smell and general ickiness of […]

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Okay, Alabama isn’t a dumb dumb (not one bit). She’s learned how to open the gate, which we’re now closing with a bungee. She’s also learned to crawl under the porch, and escape our gated backyard (she outsmarted us and our bungee)… I’m not planning on her becoming injured, but if she ever escaped my gaze she could end up hit by a car. Is Pet Insurance the Answer? It occurred to me that over the years, she may need emergency medical care. I asked myself, do I have the savings for that? I quickly realized I have enough savings […]