Cockapoo Haircuts with Pictures

Cockapoos are so cute, but in terms of looks each one is unique. Some cockapoos have stronger poodle genes and curly and coarse fur, while others look more like their cocker spaniel ancestors. When giving a cockapoo a haircut, you use the same (or a variation of) the haircuts given to the dogs they’re crossbred from (poodle or cocker spaniel).

Before I tell you about the different styles of cuts, let me tell you about a cockapoos fur. Although often dense, cockapoos have soft fur and they produce little to no shedding. Brushing is required daily, and haircuts should happen every six weeks.

The Teddy Bear Cut

teddy bear cut cockapooThe teddy bear cut closely resembles the standard cut of a poodle. The fur is cut short around the body. The fur is left long around the legs. Around the head and ears, hair is trimmed to land naturally and follow the natural curve of the ear flap.

The Lamb Cut

lamb cut cockapoo

The lamb cut is a shorter cut than the teddy bear. This look is achieved by trimming the body of the animal short and leaving plenty of curls around the feet, ears, and muzzle.

The Cocker Cut

cocker cut cockapoo

Traditionally for a cocker spaniel, the cocker cut can be adapted for the cockapoo. Because it’s a long cut, it’s going to require more grooming and regular trims when compared to the previous cuts on this list. Regular grooming will help you avoid fur matts.

The hair is left long around the head, body, and legs. Hair is trimmed short around the eyes.

The Puppy Cut

puppy cut cockapoo

The puppy cut isn’t based on either a spaniel or a poodle’s haircut. This haircut is very basic, requiring the groomer to cut fur to a uniform length. This haircut lasts around three months and tends to be very low-maintenance.

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