A DIY Dog House Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Pampered Pooch

Thinking about what to get your dog for Christmas? Instead of shelling out the big bucks for a plastic shelter, why not build her a dog house? This cute dog house is easy to build and requires only a small monetary investment.

*FYI: The Humane Society recommends that you place dog houses in a fenced in area. Chaining or tethering your dog is not recommended because it promotes aggression, makes dogs vulnerable to predators (including insects), and can cause bodily injury.

Choosing a Location

Location, location, location. Your dog is going to need ample shade, so maybe under a tree? Or, you can build an overhang on the doghouses’ roof. It’s important that you don’t build in areas that could be dangerous to your dog, such as in an area that floods when it rains.

Safety First

Organization is going to keep you safe, and it’s going to ensure your doghouse isn’t built with nails sticking out. Place your organized materials on a blanket or tarp in the order you plan to use them. Also, avoid any woods that are chemically treated and any paints that contain lead. If your dog happens to chew on the house, you want to ensure she doesn’t end up sick.

Here’s a link to step by step DIY doghouse instructions (video): DIY Network Simple A-frame Doghouse

Make sure to securely hammer in any nails. This will protect your dog from nicks and scrapes, as well as it will ensure your house looks great. After you’ve got it together, it may be impossible to entire the doghouse and hammer in exposed nails. Do it right the first time to guarantee safety.

Finishing Touches

Add some shingles to the roof. This is aesthetically pleasing, as well as it adds some more protection from heavy rains. Use leftover shingles from your last tear off project, or grab a few samples from Home Depot or Lowes. Finally, stencil your dog’s name above the opening or along the side and add some bedding to the interior.

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