DIY: How to Build an Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

A dog food dispenser is a great way to store dog food. Busy families will appreciate eliminating the daily chore of scooping dog food into a dog dish. Instead, they can simply place the dog’s dish at the mouth of the dispenser and watch as it fills with the food dish with your canine’s favorite kibble.

What You Need for the Project:

Saw, Carpenters glue, Drill, 2-inch diameter blast gates (4-inch), 10-inch length of 1-by-8 aspen, 9-inch length of 1-by-6 aspen, 2-inch length of 1-by-12 aspen, 2-inch length of 1-by-2 aspen, 2-inch length of 1-by-1 aspen, 24-inch piano hinge, 1 pound of 2 1/4-inch trim head screws, 1 pound of 1 1/4-inch screws

Step 1:

Cut the bin’s bottom dispenser to be ¾-by-24 inches. Measure the blast gates and cut two holes in the bin’s bottom to match their measurements. Using glue and four 1-inch screws, mount the blast gates into the bin’s bottom.

Step 2:

Cut two outer sides, 1-by-8-by-40 ¾ inches. Cut two more aspen pieces to measure 1-by-6-by-29. These pieces are the two inner sides.

Step 3:

Attach the inner side pieces to the outer side pieces using glue and 1 1/4 –inch screws. This will create a rectangular box.

Step 4:

Attach the bin’s bottom dispenser, using 2 ¼-inch trim head screws.

Step 5:

Attach the piano hinge to the top piece, securing it so it creates a top that moves up and down. This is where dog food is loaded into the dispenser.

Step 6:

Mount the dispenser by screwing through the front, attaching it to the wall, using screws big enough to penetrate both the aspen and your wall.

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