Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Cattle Dog with injured legOkay, Alabama isn’t a dumb dumb (not one bit). She’s learned how to open the gate, which we’re now closing with a bungee. She’s also learned to crawl under the porch, and escape our gated backyard (she outsmarted us and our bungee)… I’m not planning on her becoming injured, but if she ever escaped my gaze she could end up hit by a car.

Is Pet Insurance the Answer?

It occurred to me that over the years, she may need emergency medical care. I asked myself, do I have the savings for that? I quickly realized I have enough savings for simple procedures, but I probably couldn’t afford a life-saving procedure if Alabama really needed one.

I weighed the economic and emotional variables, and considered the good advice of veterinarian Jean Maixner, co-owner of Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services in Seattle. Dr. Maixner told ConsumerMan on, “If you get the right policy, it can be an asset to the health care of that pet and have a significant impact on the bill that results from a visit in an emergency situation.”

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The emotional variables definitely outweigh the economic ones; however, I’d first need to find affordable pet insurance. I can’t even consider insurance if it’s not within my budget. Christmas will be here anytime, and I can’t afford any costly monthly obligations right now.

After Googling, I determined that pet insurance costs about $1 per day (approximately $30 per month). After thorough research, I determined it’s not really the cost of policies that matter. It’s more about what is offered. <a href=””>Embrace Pet Insurance</a> offers a nice head-to-head comparison chart, so curious pet owners can determine which plans offer the most value for every dollar spent.

Additional Pet Insurance Considerations

I’ve got two choices: I can sign up for pet insurance, or I can save my pennies in a rainy day fund. As long as Alabama doesn’t get sick or injured, I’m not going to get slammed with vet bills I can’t afford. These are considerations I am weighing right now.

  • Benefit schedule or plans that pay actual bills? Benefit schedules are a bit more complicated, but it’s worth reviewing the benefit schedule because it lists the maximum payout amount for specific diagnosis and treatments. Then again, plans that pay the vet are more transparent and typically pay a percentage of every bill.
  • I’ll have to have Alabama tested for genetic conditions because plans rarely cover these conditions.
  • I’ll also need to research per-incident limits, customer reviews, and the terms associated with pet insurance plans.

Based on the research needed, I’m going to wait to learn more about pet insurance. If you have pet insurance, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it. Or, if you have a reason I shouldn’t move forward with acquiring insurance, I’d love to know that to. Or, let me know if there’s anything I can add to improve this article.

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