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Build hamster feeder

Pictured: Steps 1 through 3

Feed your hamster a single tablespoon of store-bought pellets once per day. Supplement pellets with a few treats per day, such as a once-daily apple slice or a couple raisins. Hamster food should be served from a BPA free bottle feeder/dispenser. Ensure the feeder is tall enough that both your hamster and your children can reach inside the cage to easily fill it with food or water.

More details on feeding your hamster can be found on the Humane Society’s website.

Supplies Needed:

Two ½ liter plastic bottles, Small scale precision knife, Marker, and Duct tape

Step 1:

Using your marker, draw a line around the bottoms of the plastic bottles. Make both lines roughly 2 inches above the bottle’s bottom. These lines serve as a guide for your first cuts.

Step 2:

Near the bottom of a single plastic bottle, draw a small square opening. Make sure the opening is drawn wide enough that your hamster can grab food comfortably.

Step 3:

Using a small scale precision knife, cut around the first lines you created. Completely remove both bottles’ bottoms. This will leave you with 2 bottles, each missing their bottom. You can now discard 1 of these bottles. Keep one top piece and both bottoms.

Warning: Cut carefully because any ragged edges could be sharp.

Step 4:

Turn the remaining top piece upside down and insert it into a bottom piece (the one with the door). The trick here is that you can pour food into the up end of the top piece, and because the bottom piece was cut so long, there will be space for food to flow from one piece into the next. Do not allow the bottle’s mouth to touch the bottom of the other piece, as this will stop food from flowing. Use duct tape to secure the two pieces together where they meet.

Step 5:

Fill the feeder with food. Then, place the bottom piece overtop of the open end. This will keep the food protected from dust and other particles. It will also make it difficult for your hamster to climb up the side of the feeder and sneak extra food.

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