Optimal Calcium Level for Salt and Freshwater Aquariums

Calcium is filtered through a fish’s body in the water they drink, thus contributing to their health and survival. Calcium also promotes positive mineral ions, as well as feeds the coral in saltwater tanks. Ensuring your aquarium has the right calcium levels creates an aquatic environment that is suitable for plants, coral, and fish.

Picture caption: Optimal calcium levels play a necessary role in your aquarium’s water chemistry.

Calcium Levels in Saltwater Aquariums

A successful aquarium is one which recreates a natural habitat, in order to promote optimal growth. Therefore, saltwater aquariums require calcium levels that match that of the ocean. In a salt water aquarium optimal calcium levels are between 380 and 450 ppm because the average seawater value is 410 ppm.

Calcium Levels in Freshwater Aquariums

In freshwater aquariums, optimal calcium levels help combat ich, or Ichthyophthiriasis. Ich causes white spots to form on life forms inside the tank, and ich can be deadly if it’s left untreated. Calcium levels, of at least 100 ppm, help reduce ich’s side effects, as well as keep water free of fungus and the future spread of ich.

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