Kitten and dog

Socializing Kittens with Other Animals

Kitten and dog

According to the ASPCA, “A kitten is most receptive to socialization between two and seven weeks of age.” This is the ideal time to introduce your new kitten to another animal, as this should lead to long-term acceptance. Cats are fiercely independent, so early socialization will ensure they grow to tolerate other pets, even if they don’t love them.


Cats and rabbits have been known to develop wonderful friendships, despite a cat’s independent nature. These two animals are entirely different, so it’s up to the owner to ensure their friendship develops. Remember cats, even kittens, are predatory. It’s important to introduce the kitten and rabbit in a closed room, with no other animals present. Rabbits are very social, so the bunny will hop up to the kitten, sniffing and looking to play. If the kitten begins to stalk, hiss, or cry, stop the socialization process and begin it again later. Socialization shouldn’t take too long, but the animals shouldn’t be left alone until you’re certain they’re getting along.

Puppies and Dogs

“Fighting like cats and dogs,” is a phrase popularized by the fact that cats and dogs notoriously don’t get along. Cats hiss at dogs and dogs chase cats. But, when introductions take place early in life, cats and puppies can coexist in perfect harmony. It’s possible to introduce a kitten to a puppy and have fantastic results, especially when they are raised to tolerate and enjoy each other. When introducing a kitten to a full-grown dog, you’ll want to keep them at eye-level, keeping a firm grip on both animals. End the session if either animal snips or hisses. Try it again at a later date. Until you’re certain both animals can get along, don’t leave them alone together. Certain dogs are known to get along with cats better than others. These breeds include: Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Boston terrier and many other small dog breeds.


Ferrets and cats have a lot in common. They’re both carnivorous predators, with a penchant for playing with objects attached to a string. According to the experts at Pet Education, “Ferrets have been introduced to and cohabited safely and happily with many kinds of pets, most commonly cats and dogs.” The secret to a successful relationship is to introduce both animals at a young age. If you must socialize an adult ferret with a baby kitten, hold both animals under close supervision. Once you’re sure the animals are getting along, you can allow them to play freely together. “Cat-riding is an exciting ferret sport, and attacks on switching tails provide endless amusement,” says Pet Education.

Other Kittens

When cats are raised together, they get along especially well. Even a needy kitten can learn to get along with an independent new kitten. The secret to successful integration is to let the kittens get acquainted with each other while separated. It’s important for the kittens to become familiar through odor, before coming face to face with each other. It won’t be long before these two furry friends are chasing and playing with one another, oftentimes becoming exhausted and falling asleep together. Introducing cats while they’re young is the best way for them to remain lifelong friends.

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