The Different Types of Cockapoo Haircuts

Second-generation cockapoo puppy (2006)A well-groomed cockapoo is pretty enough to stop traffic. This is due to their uniquely distinct look; cockapoos are a blend of poodle and cocker spaniel. They have cute faces and soft, manageable coats.

Coat types include: ringlets, curly, and straight.

Each coat type is softer and more manageable than the last. Cockapoos require minimal washing and combine. For dog groomers, cockapoos are a favorite. They’re an easy client. It requires minimal effort (compared to other small dogs) to give a cockapoo a wash, cut, and style.

The Puppy Cut

Everyone loves a cockapoo with a puppy cut. This cut is low-maintenance, but a bit shaggy. According to the experts at the Cockapoo Club GB, “The puppy coat of the cockapoo is relatively easy to look after regardless of the coat type variations.” It’s the perfect cut for a young cockapoo puppy.

The puppy cut is defined by its low-maintenance style. Your cockapoo’s coat must be at least 1 ½ inches long to achieve this look. A light trim is performed around the muzzle and ears.

The Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear is the most popular coat you can give a cockapoo, but it requires regular grooming to hold up. And, it’s a more buttoned-up look than a puppy cut. In general, a cockapoo with a teddy bear look will need to revisit the groomers every three to four months for a full clip.

As the name suggests, the teddy bear makes your cockapoo look like a child’s stuffed bear. The unique styling is best suited for a cockapoo with a wavy or ringlet coat. The straight coats simply don’t pull the look off with similar results.

The Lamb Cut

Bring out your little lamb’s poodle heritage with this cut that’s perfect for poodles. Hence the name, the lamb cut is designed to achieve a lamb-like look. It’s very tender and sweet, and best on a cockapoo with curly hair. It works well on all coat variations, but it’s very special on curly haired cockapoos.

The lamb cut is defined by a close trim with short hair around the body, face, muzzle, and feet. This look is very low maintenance, requiring brushing only a few times per week to keep away matts.

The Cocker Spaniel Cut

Perhaps your cockapoo takes after his cocker spaniel heritage more… In that case, groom him to have the look. The cocker spaniel is defined by a short buzz style cut up top, and nice fur tendrils down the sides to create a sort of skirting around the dog. This is the perfect cut for a cockapoo with silky, straight hair.

You may choose to define the cut by leaving longer hair up top, much like a cocker spaniel would have. Because a cockapoo sometimes has excess hair in the ear canal, it’s often a better idea to keep the top of the head nice and trim. Consult your groomer for a professional opinion, and have your veterinarian keep an eye on those ears.

The Au Naturel Look

Just as the name suggests, the au naturel look is one defined by a lack of grooming. It’s possible to leave your cockapoo’s fur uncut. It’s recommended to at least trim an adult cockapoo because his fur is prone to matting. And, significant matting can really destroy the look of a cockapoo’s coat. Be sure to regularly brush him too.

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