The Green Pet Shop’s Kat Pak Review

Kat Pak

The Kat Pak is lightweight, water resistant, and easy to use

So… I just learned about something awesome… Apparently, for about $0.67 a day I don’t have to ever change a dirty litter box again. And, this disposable litter box isn’t a plague on landfills. Nope, these boxes are 100 percent biodegradable and disposable. Sign me up.

Cleaner than a Traditional Litter Tray

Cleaning litter boxes is a chore and a half. It requires multiple hand washes, and it’s my least favorite chore of all, which is why my husband does it. It’s just a dirty task, but he’s more willing to put up with the smell and general ickiness of it all. The Kat Pak is a solution to all this messiness because incredibly it’s not messy at all.

The Kat Pak is a throw away litter house. That means no liners, no scoopers, and no more bagging up the remaining litter. It also cuts down on odors and scattering (scattering is when cats kick litter out of the box). You simply use it as you would a normal litter box, and then toss it in the trash when you’re done.

From the manufacturer’s website: “Study, no leakage, complete with handles. No fuss, no mess.” This is one of those pet-friendly purchases that’s designed to make pet ownership easier. Of course, toys and treats are my favorite pet products, but products that make our lives easier are a close third.

How Do You Use It?

From the manufacturer’s website: “KatPak is a hooded tray made from heavy duty recycled paper that folds up like an accordion for easy convenience… Just unfold the Katpak and spread an even amount of litter. Leave Puss and Boots to do the rest. Then simply dispose. (The KatPak not the cat!)… Afterward simply pick it up and throw it away. Completely bio-degradable.”

How Much Does it Cost and How Long Does it Last?

Kat Pak is sold in packs of 5 for $19.99, but you can find those 5-packs cheaper on Amazon: here. That’s not a bad price when you consider that each individual box can last up to 7 days; this timeframe isn’t realistic for multiple cats sharing the same Kat Pak. If you have more than one cat, these disposable boxes are likely to get used up in less time than 7 days.

Is It Time to Give Up on the Litter Pan?

Absolutely. Kat Pak is purrfect for busy mommies like myself. I love my fur babies, but I don’t love what comes out of them. I’m looking forward to increased hygiene and less effort when it comes to cleaning. Or, I’m looking forward to my hubby having an easier time.

Kat Pak is a paper hooded cat box, but it’s not made of the thick plastic that your litter pan is. So, expect some differences. Some Amazon buyers have complained the box is prone to collapsing, but this seems to only be an issue when multiple cats are kept in the home. If you’ve only got one kitty, the Kat Pak should work well for you.

Overall, this is a convenient and much craved for product. It solves a problem all cat owners have; seriously, name one person who enjoys changing a cat litter box. There isn’t one, and if there is that person is a weirdo! Kat Pak was voted “BEST NEW PRODUCT” by the editors of Pet Business for a reason, and it’s about to be voted best new product in my home too.

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