The Red Tibetan Mastiff is The World’s Most Expensive Dog

  According to a Huffington Post article, the worlds most expensive dog is the lion-like red Tibetan mastiff. Incredibly a dog of this breed has sold for $1.5 million. I’m a huge fan of the giant breeds (newfies especially), but $1.5 million is too much money. For that money you could save thousands of shelter dogs. 

A wealthy Chinese businessman made the $1.5 million purchase. Hopefully Big Splash, the puppy the man purchased for $1.5 million, is entering a good and loving home and not one that only sees him as a means for acquiring more wealth. The businessman says he intends to recoup his losses by studding him out for up to $100,000. 

For that man, I offer this quick and essential rhyme: don’t breed and buy while shelter pets die. 

Although I believe in healthy pet breeding and the good-nature of many breeders, this display of affluence is a slap in the face to the millions of maltreated and euthanized pets that could use a caring benefactor. And, his plan is to use as a stud at least 15 times to recoup his buying fee, which is grosser still. 

Irresponsible pet ownership and puppy mills are a huge problem. As a dog lover, I am disgusted by anyone who has that amount of money but chooses to ignore and exacerbate this problem. Total b.s. 

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