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Understanding the Championship Titles Given to Labrador Retrievers

painting of labradorChampionship titles are given to Labradors who have proven their abilities in a nationally-recognized event. In the United States, a Labrador must qualify for the AKC-Licensed Field Trials for Retrievers before he’s considered a champion. The competition judges retrievers on their training, as well as their natural abilities, such as intelligence and memory. Any dog that qualifies for the competition can add “Champion” (Ch) before their call name.

Shortened Champion Titles

Champion titles are typically shortened before appearing in a dog’s name. For example, “FC AFC Hunter Runs Booboo” is a Field Trial champion from 2010. FC stands for Field Champion, while AFC stands for Amateur Field Trial. Hunter Runs Booboo placed in both competitions. Even if a dog doesn’t place in any competitions, he can still carry the “Champion” title, simply for qualifying for the Field Trials.

Champion Titles Appearing Before a Dog’s Name

There are eleven champion titles that can appear before a dog’s name. They are: Conformation Champion, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, National Field Trial Champion, National Amateur Trial Field Champion, National Obedience Champion, Obedience Trial Champion, Dual Champion, Triple Champion, Champion Track, and Master Agility Champion. If you encounter a Labrador with one of these titles, you’ve encountered a champion retriever, and any pup he sires will be considered a pure-bred, champion-bred puppy.

Champion Titles Appearing After a Dog’s Name

There are over fifty champion titles that can appear after a dog’s name. Categories include: agility, obedience, tracking, hunting, companion, and rally. Szumeria’s Legend is a nationally recognized champion. Before placing in the Companion Dog Excellence (CDX) competition, she was simply known as: Ch Szumeria’s Legend. Once she’d earned enough points for the title, she became: Ch Szumeria’s Legend CDX. Champion names can include a long list of achievements. Szumeria’s full champion name is CH Szumeria’s Legend CDX, RAE, OA, OAJ, NAP, OJP, CGC, TT, VOAA, OOAA, SAPA, JAPA, CPA, OS, ROAA, U-CD, & Therapy Dog.

Hall of Fame Champion Labrador Retrievers

The Retriever Hall of Fame recognizes some of the most decorated Field Trial winners, including a high number of Labrador retrievers. In 2011, 2xNAFC FC Candlewoods Ramblin Man (Ram) was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ram was the first retriever to win back-to-back in the National Amateur Retriever Championships. Another notable Hall of Famer is FC AFC Fordland’s Bored Out Ford. Ford’s speed was an asset during his trials. The AKC website lists Ford’s record to be 241.5 AA points. In the USA and Canada, Ford is responsible for fathering 21 champions, so his champion bloodline remains intact. Finally, FC AFC Trumarc’s Hot Pursuit made a name for himself when he earned 36 FC and AFC titles. He’s qualified for 5 national opens, and received a ribbon almost 50 percent of the time.

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