Doberman war dogs

Wartime Use of Dobermans: Honoring our World’s Four-Legged Heroes

Doberman war dogsDuring World War I, over fifty-thousand dogs were used to aid military efforts across the world, including Doberman pinschers. The United States and Germany have both documented their wartime use of Dobermans. Other countries that may have used Dobermans include: Britain, France, Belgium, and Italy. Dobermans are native to Germany, and they have been used in German military efforts more frequently than they’ve been used in other countries. Today, Dobermans are mainly kept as pets, and rarely provide services to the world’s armies.

The Doberman’s Wartime Effort

In Guam, there is a life-size bronze statue of a Doberman. It reads, “Always Faithful,” and was erected as a tribute to the dogs that gave their lives during WWI. (Reference 2) Dobermans were on the front lines, acting as sentries to protect sleeping soldiers. Moreover, they detected enemy mines, delivered messages and medical supplies, and rescued wounded soldiers. (Reference 3) Some dogs, including some Dobermans, were used as “suicide dogs.” These brave canines were strapped with explosives, and used to bring down enemy tanks. Thankfully, today’s Dobermans are rarely used in military efforts, and are most often kept as adored family pets.

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