When is a Yorkie Considered Full Grown?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, among their most popular breeds. This is likely due to the Yorkie’s brave and energetic personality. Their small size is another draw. Yorkies are popular with people who travel, and who live in small residences, because they’re able to adapt to these situations well. In general, Yorkies grow to be between 6 and 7 inches, and their adult weight is around 7 pounds.

Yorkies Are Full Grown at a Year Old

When your Yorkie pup turns 1-year, she is considered an adult. At this stage, you can switch from puppy food to adult food. Although she has entered adulthood, your Yorkie may continue to gain and lose weight depending on her diet.

Estimating Your Yorkie Puppy’s Adult Weight

You can estimate your Yorkie puppy’s adult size by doubling her weight at 3-months-old. For example, if she weighs 3 pounds at 3-months, she’ll weigh around 6 pounds as an adult.

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